The minimal design, the simplicity and our personalised services have been created to offer you comfort and relaxation away from your daily routine. Chrysalis’ unique location is very close to the town centre and away from the crowds, it is ideal for travellers who want to discover the island, relax and recreate. Our hotel is dedicated to guests who travel to explore, experience and trigger new ways of seeing.

We will be very pleased to welcome you as a guest and we will ensure you enjoy a pleasant stay in Chrysalis Boutique Hotel filled with relaxation, happy moments and sun-kissed memories!

We Serve Fresh and Delicious Breakfast

The Ancients called it “The Table of the Gods”, so it can’t be nothing less than rich and challenging, generously offering a wide variety of quality products. So we chose to offer you a handmade Astypalean breakfast with local, pure ingredients from the hands of mum Nina! Every day mum Nina curates and cooks unique delicacies of traditional recipes of Astypalea. Aniseed handmade bread, home jams, local honey on top of her famous “dumplings”, cheesebreads and freshly baked pies with handmage crust are some of the delicacies you will try. A unique breakfast that will be unforgettable, such as all the other wonderful moments on our island. Breakfast is served in your room!! Start your day in the most delicious and energizing way with the fabulous view of Astypalea’s castle.




Our philosophy lies behind the art of choosing, cooking and eating good food. We travel, discover and always return to the blessings of the Greek Land. We cook like home and we do it with love! Whether you’re staying with us or you are a visitor in Astypalaia with different accommodations, our Chrysalis open air terrace is ready to welcome you with arms wide open and delicious food. Guests with special dietary requirements will find the possibility for other options on site.


Time and space for the really important things in life.

To allow you to do this we have created a refuge that encourages you to do absolutely nothing at all apart from listen, feel and smell. We have captured rejuvenation and balance into all our massage therapies and holistic treatments, surrounded by an environment of pure nature and weightless happiness. Our Yoga sessions will transport you to a land of dreams through a unique mindful experience of body and soul.


Wrapped in calm, blue waters, the butterfly-shaped island of Astypalea is located exactly where the Dodecanese meets the Cyclades. An island with authenticity and uniqueness resisting mass consumer patterns.

Life is better when you are in Astypalea…

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