The Ancients called it “The Table of the Gods”, so it can’t be nothing less than rich and challenging, generously offering a wide variety of quality products. So we chose to offer you a handmade Astypalean breakfast with local, pure ingredients from the hands of mum Nina! Every day mum Nina curates and cooks unique delicacies of traditional recipes of Astypalea. Aniseed handmade bread, home jams, local honey on top of her famous “dumplings”, cheesebreads and freshly baked pies with handmage crust are some of the delicacies you will try. A unique breakfast that will be unforgettable, such as all the other wonderful moments on our island. Breakfast is served in your room!! Start your day in the most delicious and energizing way with the fabulous view of Astypalea’s castle.